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AI-Enhanced Label Scanning

Smart Label Scanning with AI Insights

AI-Powered Detection:

Our advanced AI technology detects and analyzes ingredients, flagging any known health risks and providing you with valuable information. Your product will receive a grade from A to F based on several factors.

Instant Analysis:

AI will use your custom preferences which you select on your profile to flag any ingredient that violates them. The Health Inspecta app will tell you why the ingredient was flagged. 

Logging Your Scanned Products

You will be able to log the items you scan for reference in the future. You will also be able to track your progress while earning digital ribbons and awards. 

Health Inspecta

Features and Design

Curious about how the app will work?

It’s as simple as scanning a label!

Open the Health Inspecta app. Scan the ingredient label of packaged foods or cosmetic products! Alternatively, you can use the manual search feature to manually enter your product name.

Health Inspecta will do the research in seconds!

Health Inspecta utilizes AI to detect harmful ingredients within products, cross-referencing them with known health risks. Additionally, it provides general insights into nutritional value.

A grade will be generated!

Health Inspecta will use a holistic approach to grade the quality of your product from A to F.

Keep Track of Your Progress

Health Inspecta has a fun reward system! If you choose to log the products you scan, you can receive digital awards and ribbons for choosing healthy products over time.

Other special features

History Graph

Health Inspecta will include a graph to show you how your product purchases have ranged over time.

Health Incentives

Health Inspecta will include virtual awards and prizes for reaching your “health” goals or improving the quality of your products.

Personalized Preferences

Customize your Health Inspecta experience: select dietary preferences like kosher, vegetarian, gluten-free, etc. The app will highlight products not meeting your chosen criteria.