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Introducing Health Inspecta

We are introducing an innovative app that will be available soon. In addition to providing comprehensive information, this app can be used to weed out ingredients you personally do not want in your diet or in your personal care products.

By utilizing artificial intelligence, Health Inspecta aims to empower consumers by providing them with accurate and comprehensive information about the products they use. Say goodbye to uncertainty and worry about what goes into your body!

With Health Inspecta, you can be confident in making informed decisions about the food and personal care products you purchase. Our mission is to ensure your well-being and improve the safety standards of the industry. Join us in this exciting journey towards a healthier future!


The Problem

You Deserve To Know What Is In The Products You Buy!

For consumers trying their hardest to live healthy and happy lives, transparency is hard to find.  Nowadays it is common for food, makeup, lotions, and even shampoo to be filled with dangerous ingredients like carcinogens, chemical preservatives, additives, and so much more. These unhealthy ingredients are often hidden in long, complicated labels. To us, your quality of life is everything, that is why we want to bring the truth to light.

We want to empower you with knowledge and product transparency! Health Inspecta will help you make informed choices about the products you choose. With Health Inspecta, you can truly see beyond labels, and live beyond limits!

Discover Our

Key Features

Scan with AI

Effortlessly take a picture of any food or personal care product using our intuitive app interface.

User-Friendly Interface

Our app interface is user-friendly, simple, and engaging! 

Reward System

Earn digital ribbons as you make healthy choices! You can see how you have improved over time and log products as you go. 

Grade Assessment

Receive a clear and concise grade for each scanned product, ranging from A to F. Grading is based on multiple factors including ingredient quality, safety, and environmental impact.

Manual Search Feature

Alternatively to taking a picture, you can also manually enter the name of the product into the search engine.

Personalize Your Experience

Choose your diet and product grading preferences in your profile. Our app is designed to be tailored to your needs. 

Why Choose Us

Empowering Your Choices, Enhancing Your Well-being.

Our app is your gateway to informed decisions and enhanced well-being. With a quick scan, unlock a world of comprehensive data on the nutritional value, safety profile, and overall quality of the products you use daily.

What sets us apart is our commitment to transparency. We don’t just provide a grade; we offer insights into ingredient quality, potential health risks, and environmental impact, giving you the power to prioritize your health and values.